Wall art...how to use your images - a collage of custom frames


Are you using and enjoying your images everyday? I hope so! It is one of the favourite parts of my job - collaborating with clients and cool art vendors to create beautiful pieces for you to enjoy in your home.

This client has been with me for over 7 years and in that time we have been constantly expanding the family walls in her home. There’s a wall for each of her boys and the memories that we have captured of each of them and the special people in their lives. These walls have been built over the years, a couple pieces at a time.

As you can see various sizes have been used in these displays but the consistency runs through the simple black framing and that the pictures are black and white images. This helps draw your eye to what’s going on in the images…the expressions, the relationships,…without the distraction of colour or a variation in frame.

This client has a design background and a wonderful creative eye so she’s had the vision for most of the art in her home. She also has a friend that’s a custom framer so they get most of the credit for these walls. I helped with images;).

If you are a client and would like to share how you have used your images, I would love to showcase it here. Please send me a note and I will come out and photograph it.


Wall art...how to use images from your session - part 2 - canvas


Canvas is still one of the most popular ways for clients to use their images. I will come back around to them a few times.

This is a 40x60 wrapped canvas piece…it has to be the right image to go this big and be something important for you to want to look at it for years to come. In this case, it is for us…it was our first trip to the beach when we moved to California…my daughter did this without being told and it totally captures the feeling that my family has about the beach. Although this was printed for a specific space in our California home, I am so glad that I was able to find a spot (and a prominent one at that) in my Calgary home. I often work at the dining room table rather than in the studio just so I can stare at this:).

Many clients have done similar pieces of various sizes focusing on the environment rather than who is actually in the image. This can help you transcend back to a place that is special to your family…the lake, the mountains or fields.

As I mentioned, canvas is still very popular so I will have a few more examples coming up.

Wall art...how to use the images from your session? - part 1 - classic frame

I have been working on a number of art projects for clients over the last little while with the weather being so unusual for this time of year. 

Upon working on these projects, I realized that I don’t have an area on my blog to refer clients to for inspiration anymore as it was blown away this year with the transfer. So I have decided to recreate the series on wall art. I will be sure to update links on Pinterest and will have a board there with my projects specifically. I will also have a category here (“wall art”) so that it is easy to find.

For those of you that have been with me for awhile, you know I love art…and particularly different ways to display photos. The studio has a number of pieces that I have sourced that offer unique media (metal and acrylic and wall clings) as well as the classics (frames and canvas).  

Although I love art, I still have a minimalist perspective.  I don’t think that you should fill all of your walls with just one session. Images from one chapter won’t truly capture your story so I love to build over time to tell the whole story.

Also I really feel that the art purchased should be functional for you and your lifestyle. The last thing that I want is for pieces to end up in a landfill.  So consideration’s given to how often you move (and if they will work in a variety of spaces) or if you are in your forever home (and we can do very specific designed pieces). Whether or not you have a lot of wall space or if you need a classic frame where images can be easily changed out.

As I go through and share projects from my house and client’s houses, I will be showcasing art done through me and DIY projects. I know that many of my clients have an eye and an interest in doing their own…whereas others do not have the time or interest so I get to help them. I support both types of projects because I just want you to use and enjoy your images:).

I placed these frames in a client’s house earlier this year. She had originally been thinking of canvas for this space but as we got talking realized that she would probably want to change them out so frames would allow this to happen easily (and without waste). This is not always the case as there are times that pieces could be moved to another location but in this case we were not able to do that so a classic frame was a much more timeless choice. Although this is just an iphone picture of this arrangement, you will notice that I use anti-glare glass when framing. I feel this is extremely important and if you are going with custom framing is worth the additional expense. It will allow you to see the images from all angles.