Wall art...how to use images from your session - part 2 - canvas


Canvas is still one of the most popular ways for clients to use their images. I will come back around to them a few times.

This is a 40x60 wrapped canvas piece…it has to be the right image to go this big and be something important for you to want to look at it for years to come. In this case, it is for us…it was our first trip to the beach when we moved to California…my daughter did this without being told and it totally captures the feeling that my family has about the beach. Although this was printed for a specific space in our California home, I am so glad that I was able to find a spot (and a prominent one at that) in my Calgary home. I often work at the dining room table rather than in the studio just so I can stare at this:).

Many clients have done similar pieces of various sizes focusing on the environment rather than who is actually in the image. This can help you transcend back to a place that is special to your family…the lake, the mountains or fields.

As I mentioned, canvas is still very popular so I will have a few more examples coming up.