Flossing...and not the dance move

I have to share this post here (even though it is a post from my other business). We have been going to Citizen Dental Hygiene since we returned to Calgary. I’ve been so impressed by their staff and particularly Lace, one of the co-owners. Her passion for her job came through immediately as she started to talk about the importance of flossing. It had both of my children's attention as well as I learned something new. To help their business, we decided to video her flossing talk. It’s educational and entertaining…and might I add, Lace did this on the first take:).

I have attached the full blog post...in case you’re interested in the business part of the story. But I will also include a link to the flossing video that Lace did on the first take. I think there is great value there for everyone:). Also, try to spot her tooth tattoo:).