My Mini Session Perspective

I participated in the This Girl Can Expo this weekend. I was really honoured to get to represent family photography there. The objective of the show in a nutshell was to help empower girls to be who they are, to highlight what makes them unique and to have confidence in who that is. It was a fantastic show with amazing speakers doing just that. And with this being the backbone of my business/es…highlighting what makes you (and your relationships) special and show it back to you…I felt that it was a good show for me.

The topic of mini session came up with a few people at the show so thought I would share my perspective.

I’ve done them. And even 30 min ones...usually run into an hour with me. It’s not how I shoot. And it’s not the experience I want to give your family. Running you through like cattle is not the pace I like to go.

I believe that your memories need more care than that. And with my style being capturing your family’s personality and relationships, it is pretty tough to get there in 15/30min sessions. We need time to settle in together - even if you have been coming to me for years...and actually especially if you have been coming to me for years… I want to know what is going on with your family.

Yes, if you are just looking for a line them up, everyone looking at the camera, perfect picture for Grandma...then we can definitely get that in the first 15... but if that is all you are looking for...I am not the photographer for you. I am shooting for the squeezy hugs and the in between moments that only happen when everyone feels comfortable which can take time.

I did some market research this year and realized that people need shorter sessions and fewer images to wade through so that you can come more often and capture all the moments. So I did listen and created the “Keep It Simple” package both in and out of the studio. This hour long session is as mini as I am willing to go to still be able to deliver the images that I am proud of and so that I’m not worried about watching the clock during your session.

And for those who still like to hang out with me at a slower pace or like to do art with me, there is still the “classic” session. I will go through and describe more about each of the offerings and really who they are best for in the next post.

Here is a few images from a recent Keep it Simple session that would not have happened in a 15min session.

TOT18015 A049.jpg
TOT18015 A011.jpg
TOT18015 A066.jpg
TOT18015 A074.jpg
TOT18015 A042.jpg