WAHOO!!!! It's finally up and running!! I've been wanting to update and add an online booking calendar to my website for's finally all come together. Unfortunately it did mean losing 10 years of blog history but seems worth it to make it easier for everyone to book. 

I know how busy all of us are and the going back and forth with me to check calendars seemed really archaic...the new booking page (HERE), will allow you to choose the type of session that you would like, choose the date and time, deal with the contract and pay the deposit (which I've standardized for simplicity). 

Now, you might be panicking because you don't have your hockey schedule for September before, this does not mean that you can't reschedule. However, it does make sure that you get a spot...and it allows me to make sure that everyone's sessions get edited (I'll adjust behind the scenes if a month is starting to get too busy).

Thank you to everyone for your patience with all of this!! Please let me know if something is not working right and I will get it fixed ASAP. 

There will be things added and adjusted over the next little while...some of the copy and I will be adding how to use the pictures more. Also let me know, if there is anything else you would like to know about.