We love Nicaragua! We headed back there this February as I knew my family would be having a tough time with our first winter back in Canada. Seriously, what a winter back to re-introduce them to. Anyway, we headed back for some surf, sun and much relaxing as I do anyway:). We got the opportunity to be introduced to an amazing charity (CREA) through friends of ours. Long story short, we took a bunch of supplies down on their behalf to a local library that they are connected to. It was so cool to see all of the kids enjoying this library and the services that went along with it...I learned from the Director that as they were doing research in the area to see what the local needs were, of the 200 households that were canvassed only 7 books were found. The stats then went on from there in regards to education. Needless to say, there were a huge need in the area for this and it is so amazing to see the effect that it is having on the community. 

As we were leaving the library, my son mentioned that he noticed one of the boys in a soccer jersey so he wanted to bring some soccer balls down next time for them. I let the director know and she thought that was awesome and mentioned that they also needed ball pumps. So my son is on a mission this summer to raise money mowing lawns to purchase balls and pumps.

I then decided that I would also take a portion of my revenue to donate to CREA Nica as well since they are already outgrowing the space that they just opened last summer and have plans to expand. So Tot Shots will be donating 10% of all session fees in 2018 to this cause. I love that despite my contribution being small, it will have more of an effect there and my children will be able to see some progression with our donations.

Here are a few of the pictures from CREA and of the local kids that it is helping:).