You would think… | Calgary Newborn and Family Photographer02.05.10

that life would feel a bit busy with 5 week old twins. This family not only has that but 4 other children under the age of 7. I have to admit when I first heard that there were 6 young children, I gulped a bit. Then I met with this mother last week to plan the session I knew that things were going to go extremely smooth. It was just a feeling and it was exactly how the session went. The children are incredibly well behaved and are not strangers to having their portraits taken.

I love the picture of the girls. It was so apparent how thrilled the eldest daughter was to have these twin girls even the numbers out:). Enjoy your sneak peek…lots more to come.
Calgary Newborn Photographer

  1. Oh my gosh! The picture of the twins with their arms entwined….oh my gosh (insert heart here)

    And kudos to those parents for having so many and doing such a wonderful job parenting!

    And of course kudos to the amazing photographer who once again took outstanding photos.

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