Who would you want as your pilot? | Calgary Family Photographer11.02.10

I have had the great pleasure of shooting this family over the years. I even had the pleasure of working with their cousins and grandma at the last shoot:) They are such a warm and loving family – an absolute pleasure to work with. This is the first shoot with their daughter and I was SO excited to meet her. She is adorable and as most girls in the house rules the roost;) We had been holding off for the fall and to get a nice day and wow did we finally luck out on the weather! It was gorgeous! On to the pictures!!!
Calgary Family Photographer26Calgary Family Photographer27Calgary Family Photographer25Calgary Family Photographer24Calgary Family Photographer23Calgary Family Photographer22Calgary Family Photographer21Calgary Family Photographer20
So we were sneaking through the grass pretending to be wild animals…yeah, I have no fun at my job;)
Calgary Family Photographer19
Calgary Family Photographer18Calgary Family Photographer17Calgary Family Photographer16Calgary Family Photographer15Calgary Family Photographer14Calgary Family Photographer13Calgary Family Photographer12Calgary Family Photographer11
This one cracks me up!
Calgary Family Photographer10
I love this!
Calgary Family Photographer9Calgary Family Photographer8
Now for the title of the post…Who would you want to be your pilot? So you have a reference…Dad is a pilot so these props are very fitting!
Calgary Family Photographer7Calgary Family Photographer6Calgary Family Photographer5Calgary Family Photographer4The family dog wanted to get in on the action.Calgary Family Photographer3
And here he is yelling “Freedom!!”.
Calgary Family Photographer2Calgary Family Photographer1

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