What are your goals for this decade? |Calgary Children's Photographer01.07.10

I have been getting back into the swing of things this week, I have also been taking the time to peruse the blogs that I follow and did not have a chance to look at over the fall/Christmas season.  One in particular that struck me was Southern California photographer Rachel Clare.  I appreciated how she looked back on the past decade and ahead to the next.  I could also relate to many of the achievements from the past decade.  Here is a portion of my list:

Marrying my best friend

Traveling around Europe

Getting a puppy…our first “child”

Completing my MBA

Five houses…two builds

Having two amazing children

Changing careers…and following my passion…and having it be amazing

Finding strength after the loss of my mum…finally

Meeting some amazing friends and continuing to strengthen old friendships…thus making the former possible

Opening a professional photography studio

Achieving numerous personal goals

I have had an amazing decade…this past decade brought about some of the most amazing things that bring me extreme joy each day.  This decade also made me realize the great strength that I have.  I am so excited to move into this new decade and meet all of the challenges and successes!

Here is a picture of two of my greatest joys (and my biggest challenges some days;))!
Calgary Children's Photographer 3

Wishing you an amazing decade too!

  1. I love your list of acheivements from the past decade…I feel inspired to create a scrapbook layout!

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