We're hunting wabbits! | Calgary Baby Photographer03.21.10

Well, okay, the dad at this session might have been. He was not overly keen on his son being dressed up in bunny ears but Easter is coming and it was SO adorable! This is one of my Watch Me Grow clients now at 8 months! I know that the mom has been anxiously waiting to see these but I knew that I was going to have a bunch to show and wanted to make sure that I had been through them all before posting. I had to show some of the interactions ones…how he is now standing…the chubby little toes and hands…his amazing eyes…so much fun!

Another reason why things are taking a bit longer right now is my nanny is back in the Philippines visiting her children…amazingly for the first time since she came to Canada three years ago. It has been really exciting planning this with her…I pretty sure that I have been as excited as she has been. If I could have made it work, I would have been on the plane with her just to be able to capture her 4 children’s faces when she got off the plane not to mention the opportunity to experience her culture! One day! Anyway, she is very much missed here right now but I am so thrilled that she is able to spend time with her family and begin to prepare for them to move to Canada!

I will keep working through everything as quickly as I can but I do have to say I am also enjoying the time with my children. I have been taking the opportunity to capture a lot of fun times with them.
Calgary Baby Photographer1

  1. the cutest! fabulous interactions and such a sweet little family. beautiful work, jody!

  2. I love the bunny ears!

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