We finally meet | Calgary Family Photographer11.11.09

So it seems that this new client was actually a large contributor to the beginning of my business almost 5 years ago. I ask each of my client’s who has referred them (as I have a Referral Bonus in place) and one client came to me four years ago without me knowing the person who referred them. That client then went on to refer me to many of her friends who then in turn referred me again. Anyway, when my family was out at a u-pick farm in the summer we waited in line behind a lady. The line up was quite long so we got an opportunity to talk quite extensively and we came to realize that we had met years ago in a UPS store as I was picking up my first set of business cards and she had taken a card at that time. Life had gotten away (as it does) and she had never come for pictures however, she had passed my name on to her friends. Well that client had gone on to spread the word. And that original client is scheduled to come later today (using a referral bonus). I do want to thank all of my “referrers”.

So beyond how this client found me I have to talk about how amazing they were to shoot. Her older son is one of the most intelligent, well-behaved and creative little guys that I have met! I learned about rockets, received pictures from him to decorate my fridge in the studio and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. So to top this story off, dad works from home as a graphic designer and stay-at-home dad and he truly is the baby whisperer! It was so neat to watch a dad that was so comfortable with his children. K and J, it was an ABSOLUTE pleasure to finally meet you!
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So the little guy asked if he could take a picture at the end. The picture on the right is his shot of his dad and brother. He is a natural!
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