Wall Art | Calgary\California Family photographer03.19.13

Last year I finally decided to join Pinterest.  I had avoided it for a long time as the last thing that I needed was one more thing to do on the computer.  However, it has definitely been beneficial from a personal and business standpoint.  With wall art being such a large part of my business it only makes “business” sense to be on there looking for ideas:).  It does make it much easier for clients to narrow down their design taste and then we can customize to their space and images.

As I was looking through ideas for clients, I came across pictures of this wall.  LOVE it…could not get it out of my head.  So a few months ago, I started to pull together my favourite pictures from last year.  Rather than fill the entire wall at once, I decided to leave room to add on as I go…but still have it aesthetically pleasing as I go.  You can only imagine how staring up at this wall as I work, brings me so much joy.  These little guys bring me so much happiness and now our times together and the adventures we are having are staring back at me (…or screaming in some cases:) as a constant reminder.

calgary family photographer wall art

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