Wall art | Calgary Photographer01.19.11

I have mentioned (perhaps even promised) that I would show you some of the art pieces that I have brought into the studio or worked on for clients. The last couple of years have brought a lot of clients looking to use the images that we produce to decorate their homes as well as looking for different design ideas. I have decided that I would start this year off by sharing so of the ideas and projects that I have had the pleasure of working on. I am planning on having a wall art post each week (and if I say it here, I am more likely to follow through:).

Here is the first piece that I am showcasing. This is 20×40 wrapped metal that I have in the studio. Now, I will add…this is not for everyone but it is one of my favourites. My design style is very contemporary and minimalist and this piece is very much my style.

As I continue to update my website, I will incorporate these ideas there so that you can find them easily. I would love your opinions on this, feedback, ideas that you would like to see,…
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  1. I love how unique the wrapped metal is. Looking forward to more of you posts on wall art!

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