Wall art | Calgary Family Photographer02.16.11

Another instalment of wall art.  I am not certain how this will translate.  It is a framing project that I was recently working on for a client.  We are beginning a family wall that we can expand upon.  We are using simple black wood frames with a classic black core white mat.  This client did not want their images used on my blog or website so I cannot show how well everything flowed together.  I think that the framing idea still comes across…I hope.  The print sizes used here were 3- 8×10, 1 – 10×10, 1 – 10×13 and 1-11×14.

I think that a lot of times clients get overwhelmed with having to complete a wall.  I do not think that this should always be the case.  Particularly as you are trying to tell a story over time and be able to use the images from annual photo sessions.  Many of my clients decorate with clean lines and so one thing that we begin with when starting a wall collage is to have a straight and even spaced mid-line.  This allows different sizes to be added but still maintains a visual anchor.


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