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With the fall and Christmas season being so busy for everyone, clients and I collectively push working on wall art to the new year.  I have a number of meetings scheduled over the next couple of weeks to work on a bunch of projects.  I have also been working on a few of my own walls to make my house feel like a home as well as I test new vendors and try new products.  I am always looking for something new:).  I thought that I would share images of my walls as well as clients to help give you ideas of what you can do with your images.

The following is a canvas (a product I use a lot).  This one is a 40×60 of one of my favourite images from 2012.  It was our first trip to the beach in California, I ADORE the water and the beach in particular, the grandness of the pier and littleness of my daughter, the freeness of her flying around the beach (both children loved that day:), the simplicity of the image,…  Looking at this from my kitchen makes me happy!  I had seen an oversized canvas of a surfer in a James Perse store and loved it and knew that was what I wanted (with my own spin).  I am a minimalist and typically decorate my home with large and few pieces – I like the style of an art gallery…simple and easy to clean:).

I felt a little bad putting such a big piece of one of my children but I do have a plan to even it out.  My son’s shot has not happened yet but my vision for it involves the water (which is too cold to get in right now) and will bring some colour to the wall and a new medium.  Can’t wait!  I also have some framed prints going in this week (this grouping will be different from my normal style so we will see how it goes).  I will post as soon as I get them back and hung.  I am also hoping to get a few up around my desk.  The blank wall is screaming for some attention…and it will make it much more pleasant to work in this space.  More soon!

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