Video portrait05.31.17

My assignment for this past week was a video portrait. Which I found to be awesome! As a mom of older children, it has gotten more and more difficult over the years to get them to “model” for me. First of all, they don’t find it fun…it is essentially just more nagging from me:). And typically, once I get started taking pictures, I don’t want to stop (clients will understand this about me:). So video has been a great way for me to capture them and what they are doing right now. I kept this film to 15 seconds so I did not have to take too much of their time with it:). ┬áThe kids have enjoyed showing me their tricks and love to be able to watch these back themselves. I also love that it highlights some of the things about them at this time in their lives that would not necessarily translate well through a still portrait. My son loves soccer and loves to practice his ball skills. I love being able to capture the motion as well as his facial expressions. I also had to capture his current “hair swoop” that he does right now but again this would not have come across properly in a photo. I am hoping to incorporate these into client session this fall so let me know if it is something that interests you.


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