Vanity Spa02.10.09

I felt INCREDIBLY guilty today as I enjoyed my birthday gift (yes, my birthday was in December so I should not feel that bad).  I only felt guilt for the first half hour or so, then what could I do besides just relax.  I enjoyed a wonderful visit to Vanity Spa in Garrison Woods with Kristi.  I had not been there before (although I am not exactly a spa connoisseur)…it was fantastic!!!  It was so quaint and Kristi was a perfectionist (love that!!).  I had to put in a little plug for her as promoting other entrepreneurs will be a bit of a "side" project for me this year.  I will have more details on this in the upcoming weeks (sorry to be a bit vague, still working out all of the details).  

Anyway, back to work…I have been working on some custom birth announcements this week and loved this shot that I was using on it.  Will have more recent photos tomorrow from a session with a week old newborn – gorgeous!

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