Time flies!! | Calgary Baby Photographer08.12.10

It still amazes me that this little guy is already 6 months. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with this family for, I think that it is, 7 sessions over the past three years. Wow, time flies. They are one of the most fun-loving families that I get to work with. Their 3 year old is also one of the most kind and polite children that I get to work with. It is now so fun to watch him interact with his brother. He is so gentle and sweet. N and K it was once again an absolute pleasure!
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  1. Hey Jodie, you did once again a great job. The pictures are really nice, wow. Can wait to see more.

  2. Fab photos! Charlie (Thomas and Oliver’s cousin) never sits still but as soon as theses came on the screen he just sat there smiling and pointing!

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