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On my last trip to Calgary, one of my clients had to cancel as I was heading out the door to meet them.  I get fairly jazzed up for each shoot so I had a little creative energy that needed to be released.  What do I do but get on the horn to my studio manager (who had just left the studio about 30 minutes prior) and see if she and her son will meet me for a quick session and dinner.  I knew they were heading home for pizza and movie night and totally did not think that the answer would be “yes”…as there is absolutely NO WAY my children would want to have pictures taken if they had been promised movie and pizza night.  However this was not the case…Cristina’s son was excited to come meet me:)  So off we went location scouting.  Working with these two is ALWAYS a joy.  This little guy LOVES his mama and, of course, the feeling is mutual.  I have said it before but will again…she is one of the most amazing people I know.  She is beautiful inside and out, always positive, such an amazing mom and person, so organized, and she is so cool (she recently went to a surf camp…so cool!).  I am so lucky to have her working with me and representing Tot Shots when I am not there:).  I got a note late that night from her saying that her son said that “this was better than a movie and pizza”.:)  Best compliment ever:)  This first picture is one of my favourites…too sweet how he is stroking her arm:).  Cristina, thank you for all you do!!

calgary family photographercalgary family photographer

calgary family photographercalgary family photographercalgary family photographer



  1. Jenny Thomson { May 30, 2013 } Reply

    Awesome post!! So nice to seeing Christina’s great smile, it’s been a while!!

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