things happen for a reason |Calgary Photographer02.01.10

I truly believe this but still struggle to find the sense some days. This is one of those days. Today I am sad and missing my mum! Of course, this is something that I think about a ton however today I am finding it particularly difficult. Maybe it is because this week marks the 3rd anniversary of her passing, maybe it is because the little one is sick and neither of us slept enough last night, maybe it has just been a few weeks of a lot of projects/discussions/reminders of cancer,… Many of the latter are things that bring me back to “things happen for a reason” and in the end are very healing.

The little one was hanging out in the studio with me last week when she was not feeling well…I just downloaded these as I was downloading the weekend sessions’ images…She looks like I feel today…although my eyes might be a little more red. The scruffy looking pink thing is her sleep bag that my mum made when her when she was born…and I am still surprised that it is still the thing that she carts around everywhere.
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  1. hello miss…..I always just browse your site to see the glorious and beautiful shots that you take…..magic! I am thinking about you in your time of sadness missing your mum.
    Take care,

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