The first month | Calgary Family Photographer01.30.12

Okay, I had promised more client work but I have had a lot of people ask how things are going. So I have decided to post an update here first. I have set up a new blog to document our adventure in Southern California. The blog serves a few purposes for me…update friends and family that have been so kind with their notes and thoughts, a photojournal of our adventure (which will later be made into a coffee table book) and it will also serve as a creative outlet for me. I have had ideas, personal projects and goals that I have not made enough time for over the last couple of years. This year brings the opportunity for inspiration through more time with my children, the adventure of a new country, and experimentation/growth in my photography.

The new blog is located at I am not committing to a daily blog but do hope to have it updated a few times a week. I will not be adding a lot of text to it as I am hoping that it speaks for itself and the images will tell the story for us for years to come.

The first thing that I purchased (with free shipping and duty free – woohoo!) was a camera purse. I wanted to make sure that I had my camera with me as much as possible. A few pictures have been taken on my iphone but the majority will be with my DSLR. There will be minimal editing (as that is typically where I get stuck in the process of getting pictures of my children) – I take lots but don’t find the time to go through them. These will be mostly right out of the camera.

I purposely did not come back in January (other than to get the dog who was not allowed to fly over Christmas) or begin my U.S. business so that I could focus on helping my children get settled in a new country, new school and new family logistics. It was a chaotic month but we are getting settled and in a routine now. As we get settled we can now begin to enjoy the benefits of small town Southern California – definitely a different pace for this family:). We are in Redlands, Ca – with a population of about 70,000 and orange groves and desert hills everywhere you look:) We are renting a house at the edge of town – the other side of the street is desert hills. This brings some creepy critters – last week was a dead tarantula… and snake season begins in May…should be fun for my son:) With the summer temperatures being 40+ degrees, we were very interested in a rental with a pool. I was super excited when we found one (as I grew up swimming and teaching it). However, I have since found out out how cold the pool is right now and how expensive it is to heat. I have now solved this issue by purchasing a triathlon wetsuit – I am getting in that water! I am certain that the neighbours will soon be calling me the “Crazy Canadian”:) I am hoping to do a triathlon but have not got into road biking yet…going to conquer running these hills and getting back in the water first:)

California is definitely appealing to my love of fresh, healthy and locally grown produce. I do have to say that I was somewhat surprised to find that a few things that I have taken for granted at home are a little more of a challenge to find here (i.e. I have gotten a few looks when asking about spelt flour). I have now found my favourite things though, just not all in one location. We have amazing resources in Calgary for healthy eating.

I am back in Calgary this week completely booked and SOOOO excited to get back to my business. More this week from the end of 2011!


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