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My husband turns 40 next month. I probably would not typically blog about it and I definitely would not if I thought that it bothered him. But I know it doesn’t and since I tweeted about the engineer’s dream of a gift with “some assembly required”, I figured I would at least follow up with a picture. One day I will join the rest of the world and get an iPhone and be able to easily share on the fly (but being the practical girl I am, I will be waiting until the contract of my bb is complete;).

So the story behind the gift…we have never really been “gift” people. Probably goes along with the fact that we are both fairly practical but also minimalist. This is a little different though, when you hit a big milestone there feels like there is a bit of an expectation. So I have been soliciting his friends and golf buddies to see if there was a club that he needed. Well, it seems that there has been a “need” for them some time in the past as he has all of them. So I was at a bit of a loss…and mentioned it one day. He answers rather quickly with “there is the bike I have been looking at and it is on sale right now”. Sweet! Shopping done! So the friendly neighbourhood UPS guy arrives last Friday with the gift a month early and I, fortunately, had a GNO planned so that I did not have to be part of the assembly process;) So here is the new cruiser…not the motorized kind that he would really like but the family friendly, get some exercise kind. Don’t ask me anything else about it because despite being shown the website and video and hearing about it for a week or so, I still can’t tell you anything about it or why he needed it?!? Happy Birthday Honey…I know you love it. I just may have to find a beanie helmet because the mountain biking one looks goofy – ah, Father’s Day!

There is no doubt that it will be well used as we are out biking as a family every opportunity we have…here is everyone else geared up. All I ever see is my son’s dust so thought that this was fitting.

calgary family photographer6

calgary family photographer8
calgary family photographer9

  1. Our husbands need to go for a spin as D just got a very similar looking ride this weekend. He goes helmetless, better look, but not such a good role model for the kids!! Enjoy and Happy Bday!!

  2. ha! loved the watermark on the first 🙂 Happy bday!

  3. Love the pictures 🙂 Pink boots look fab on your missy!

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