That time of year11.16.15

It is that time of year when I get really behind and this year seems to be even worse as I have taken a couple of extra things on…right in the middle of busy season. One of them has been a DSLR video class that I took in October. When I read about it, I saw self-paced and online, which I interpreted as something I could purchase and check out a few things that I wanted for an upcoming project and then really look at in Dec/Jan. Well that was not the case, there were deadlines…which was really good in the end as it did keep me moving through the course. Anyway I had an absolute blast doing this class and see this being a great way to document my family and hopefully can put together something for other families once I have had a couple more trial runs to determine the process that works best for me. I thought that I would share my final project here documenting what our October looked like.


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