That look | Calgary Newborn Photographer03.15.10

Now I have to apologize to the other families that I am jumping the queue by posting this family before a few others…I had to when I saw this look. This is a look that I know well! When N first came in for her maternity session she seemed a bit scared about having a baby (it could also have been that I was videotaping the session;)). This fear is something that I personally understand. When I was pregnant with my son I was PETRIFIED…not just scared! Anyone who knew me at this time knew that I did not have much of a maternal instinct in me. I was NEVER the one to hold the babies when girls came into the office on their maternity leaves. So needless to say this lack of maternal instinct had me a little scared. Well the picture below hit home to me as I was downloading these tonight from this afternoon’s session. This is exactly the way that I looked at my son. From the moment that I first saw him! This instantly found maternal instinct that was born with him was noticeable to everyone around me (and mentioned a lot). And this instinct now allows me to see and understand it in others…and is truly what made me realize this passion of capturing it. M & N, she is gorgeous. N, you look so relaxed as a new mom despite the lack of sleep and colic.

  1. so sweet! they look like the proudest, happiest momma and daddy ever. 🙂

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