Thank you | Calgary Family Photographer08.27.13

At the end of this session, this mom said, “thank you so much for continuing to come back”.  My response, “Thank you, I can’t even imagine not getting to see (insert her son’s name here) grow every year…”.  I did not begin a business 9 years ago (revolving around something I adore doing) to walk away from it and not be able to see your family’s continue to grow and develop.  This business is my pride and joy (of course, beyond my children) and the relationships that I have with my clients, extremely important to me.  I have built this and I am damn proud of it.  It is the little bit of me that I get to share. It is also the creative outlet for me.  Yes, I still have the accountant in me and have to make the numbers work too but I will cut expenses in other areas to ensure that I can continue to deliver what I started with you.  So THANK YOU for continuing to trust me with your family memories.  Of course, a thank you to my husband, who holds down the fort when I am away…for the most part…seems the kids did not bathe while I was away for 3 days this past time:).  Will have to add it to the list next time.

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