Sunday Football | Calgary Family Photographer11.07.10

I am pretty sure that this father will be hanging out today with his boys watching a little football. This will give mom a chance to look at pictures of her gorgeous family;) I first met this family last year and instantly enjoyed them! The boys are so sweet with each other. Mom is so in love with her family and it oozes out of her;) And dad is a bit reserved. I was thrilled to see a bit of his football spirit come out as we neared the end of the session this year. These guys love to wrestle and so we had to capture a bit of this…and this is when I got to see dad relax and have fun. Love his face in the last picture;) A and J it was great to see your family again. It is a pleasure!
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  1. Andrea Hunter { Nov 7, 2010 } Reply

    WE LOVE YOU JODY!!! Even Justin said he can’t believe how you just turn anything into a beautiful shot. And you’re right, football is on every T.V. today and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! xo

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