Sugar | Calgary/California Photographer…and foodie:)05.08.13

So this has nothing to do with photography but a thought I would put it up here anyway cuz I am a wee bit proud of my kids for it:).  Last week the kids and I put together a sugar display for a fitness event at school…it was something that we had seen at our school in Calgary and it had a huge impact on the kids there so thought it would be fun to do here.  If you know me or even follow my blog, you probably know I am a bit of a health and food nut.  I always have been but am even more so now as I feed my family and teach my children about nourishing their bodies with amazing foods to produce the most amount of energy.

Although we do not purchase a lot of processed foods, we have always had to be aware of nutritional information labelling on the ones we do because of allergies.  So it is has always been second nature for my children to de-code the labels.  The visual display makes it really easy to see how much sugar is hidden in a lot of foods (even ones we think might be good choices).  I am by no means an expert in this area but do definitely find it interesting.  If you are interested, the documentary “Hungy for Change” provides more information on sugar and artificial sweeteners and their effects.  My husband even benefitted from the movie, despite my years of telling him about how bad aspartame is, this movie finally hit home to him and he abruptly stopped drinking diet pop (soda):).

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