Stunning Maternity | Calgary Maternity Photographer12.08.09

I have been so excited to share the next images but had to get through most of the Christmas work before I could. This series is actually made up of two sessions a few weeks ago. I got a note from the mom a couple of days before our scheduled maternity session and her partner was not going to be back from Montreal for the session. She asked if we could break the session into two sessions – a quick one with just her and then a quick one with the both of them (as he was then turning around to travel overseas). So, of course, I said yes but I also asked something back (don’t you just love it when there is a catch). I asked if she would mind if Jess video taped the session as I have been compiling footage of sessions to give everyone an idea of how a session works with me (debut early 2010, hopefully!). The reason for the video is that I have had a lot of clients ask to meet with me prior to the session to meet me as well as they would also like to see the studio in advance. I am always happy to meet prior but I also want to make it easier for you…thus figured a video would help. Anyway, there will be more on that later.

So I was so excited when N agreed…please note that this conversation occurred via email and so I give her a ton of credit for agreeing without having met me (and Jess). Well the session was FUN! Not only did we get some footage but we got to play with natural light, as well as studio. N is absolutely stunning and adorable as can be! Not sure that those two characteristics typically go together but this time they do.

Once her partner returned, they were back in for a second session and they are ADORABLE together. I can’t even wait for the newborn pictures!
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  1. Gorgeous!! Love the light and the colors!!! 🙂 (and the bump, of course) 🙂

  2. Alana Constance { Dec 8, 2009 } Reply

    Beautiful pics Jody! Love the one of them together with N smiling! Can’t wait to meet that little babe…

  3. What a beautiful Momma to be & such gorgeous lighting Jody!!

  4. Cristina Roberts { Dec 11, 2009 } Reply

    Oh my gosh these are simply beautiful!!! What a confident, beautiful, radiant, and happy Mom. Amazing shots Jody, really, really good.

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