Someone forgot to tell me…|Calgary Children Photographer09.16.10

…how hard and rewarding parenting was going to be…and all at the same time! This fall is bringing a lot of change in our household. My son started Gr. 1…at a new school. Although it was a change that we knew would happen and tried to prepare for…it came with a bit of a transition. He is pretty shy so working into a group of children that went to kindergarten together was a bit difficult. There have been a lot of trips to the school to make sure he is okay (even the ones where you just stand there just so they know you are there). As a parent it is hard to stand back (especially given my personality;) and watch them work through things on their own. But on the other hand is it super rewarding! I am happy to report that he is settling in, loving his teacher, enjoying homework (thank goodness as this is only the beginning, my friend!) and making friends.

The little one on the other hand has started preschool this year and COULD NOT WAIT TO START! She did not want to leave the orientation and then was very upset when she learned that I was the designated parent helper and would be attending the first class with her. Needless to say, she is having a blast!

She has also started dance this year. Aside from soccer last season this is really the first taste that we have had after school activities. Wow, it definitely adds to the planning. BUT is so much fun! I am not sure who is enjoying it more, me or her. It was so funny to see her in a dress (and happy to put it on). She has been a bit like her mother, in that dresses are typically worn with jeans;) Yep, we are fancy here!

So with new schools, new activities, new schedules,… It definitely has taken a little bit to get into the swing of things. Seriously the food planning that comes with all of this (particularly since I am a bit of a health nut as it is) – CRAZY! Coming up with healthy, energy sustaining, nut-free, low waste (from a packaging standpoint), variable meals and snacks that the children will eat is, let’s just say, FUN. I do get that this is a “stress” I add to myself but I rate this as a fairly high priority. Given the discussions that I have had with other moms lately I think that a lot of us do. I will be trying to share some of the ideas that I am come up or have heard from others because I have been getting a lot of feedback about it and hopefully we will get ideas back;) A few of my ideas that have been working so far is sending a smoothie or homemade muffins to school for a snack. I am finding that these seem to be getting eaten (as compared to the lunch). There seems to be too many distractions at lunch so snack time seems to be the “more substantial meal”. I have been sending a smoothie in a thermos and am adding hemp to get a little protein in. The muffins have a bunch of different flours and grains that seem to carry them through a bit longer. The recipes for the muffins are from Slice. The authors of this cookbook are from Calgary (it is always nice to support local;). I have been finding some great, easy recipes in this cookbook. I even tried the roasted red pepper hummus (featured recipe on their website) for my event last week and it got great reviews. It did from my children too paired with some homemade pita chips. Because, seriously, we all have time to make these;)

I hope that everyone else is settling into their fall nicely! Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
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