Social Series #4 – Photography Basics05.14.10

So last year I began hosting a series of evenings highlighting other local entrepreneurs who were discussing topics that I found interesting and I thought that my clients would also find interesting.  I knew when I started this that I would probably have to turn the tables and speak on the topic that I love at some point.  Now talking about some thing that I am totally passionate about is not a problem…speaking to a group of people on the other hand is.  I have a HUGE fear of public speaking regardless of the number of times that I have done it.  I have done ENDLESS presentations through my CMA and MBA.  But there happened to be the one time at the beginning of my MBA studies that I fainted during a presentation…yep, fainted!  So for the remainder of my studies, I was known as “the girl that fainted”.  This label does not make it easier to get up in almost every course to speak to a bunch of people that are essentially “competing” with you.  Competing may not be the right word but you know there is always the person in the class that wants to ask the question to “one up” you or at least that is how it feels when you have gone through what I felt was a traumatic event.  THANKFULLY, last night was not like that at all…it helps to be surrounded by people who support you and love what you do.  It does not hurt to adore the topic that you are speaking about too!

So, why did I choose to talk about photography (beyond the obvious)…I have had a ton of client requests to do classes over the last couple of years.  So many of my clients own DSLRs and take a lot of pictures of their children.  One common problem though is that they are still using these fancy cameras like a point and shoot – switching to auto.  You will not be able to tell the stories that you want without being able to manipulate the features of your camera to make a picture!  So this is where I began!  Last night we only dove into a few points because the last thing that I wanted to do was throw a TON of information at you and then scare you into setting it back to auto.  Clients took away a few things to work on.  This also leaves room for sequels;)

Now due to the overwhelming response to this seminar (and the fact that I did not faint last night), I will be offering another session in the near future.  For the clients that are interested, please let me know if a daytime or nighttime session works better.

I, SERIOUSLY, appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support.  Not only does it inflate my ego but it helps me face and hopefully finally conquer one of my greatest fears.

Here is one of the pictures of my little one that I took yesterday morning that was used in the presentation (her bedhead was too awesome not to capture).  You can’t do this in AUTO!


  1. HI Jody, I would love to attend your next session. Please let me know when you do this next time. Sounds like you did a great job last night and well done.

  2. Jody you did such a fantastic job last night! Very professional, well spoken, informative…and fun! For someone who was a wee bit nervous it surely didn’t show AT ALL. You were great. Thanks so much for offering this session… back to my camera manual…. ISO / F-stop / Shutter Speed…

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