so many things | Calgary Family Photographer02.06.13

There are so many things about this session that I loved!  I have had the opportunity to work with this family 12 or 13 times over the last five years as I have captured their girls for them.  It is always a highly anticipated session for me as they are fantastic to work with.  This was the photo session marking the little one’s 2nd birthday.  This has always been a favourite age for me.  The little one’s are coming into their “big kid” look rather than baby but they still don’t have the emotional stability of a big kid.  This usually results in a full meltdown and within a few frames they are laughing.  Love it!  This session was no different.  She had a full meltdown – head thrown back and then hands over eyes.  I kept those in the gallery for the parents.  They can use those at a later date:).  I did not include them here as I had a bunch of other favourites.  I loved their outfits – the colour with their skin tone as well as the flow of the dresses.  The older daughter dances so we had to capture a bit of that.  Thank you H family for allowing me to capture your family!


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