I have been taking pictures of our snacks recently but have not been posting…so thought I would bulk them together.  I get asked a lot, “how do you get your kids to eat veggies?”.  I have a tough time answering it as I love veggies so there is always tons of veggies around so my kids have not had much choice in not liking veggies:)  I guess just having them around and handy and eating them myself.  I will often have this tupperware container out (my mum always had one like this ready for after school…so it is also just how I grew up).  Sometimes I will put just veggies, sometimes just fruit sometimes a combo…really just whatever I have.  My kids will typically devour it before dinner but if they don’t whatever is remaining gets repurposed into a salad.  I like that I can prep it at another time and have it ready for after school/afternoon snack or for the babysitter when I am working.  If I don’t have something like this ready, then there is a lot of “Mom, I’m hungry” or they will resort to individually packaged snacks (which I try to limit in our house due to the amount of garbage/recycling produced).  This time the container held watermelon (which was prepped and cut like that in another container in the fridge so can be used for salad or snack anytime), blueberries, cucumber (will also prep and cut like that so can add to my green smoothie in the morning or use for snacking) and jicama (also pre-prepped).  I like to add something different like the jicama each week to expose them to new fruits and veg.

calgary family photographer

Another snack that we have a lot is guacamole.  I LOVE avocados and they are super healthy (and yummy) source of fat…so I always have them in the house to add to a salad or to make guacamole.  I took a Mexican cooking class years ago so have a very simple, authentic version of guacamole that I use.

2 ripe avocados

6-8 cherry tomatoes – can use any tomatoes but this is typically what I have that I can add to the veggie tray above or to a salad

chopped cilantro – I chop up a handful cuz I like it

chopped purple onion – approximately 2 tbsps – I keep frozen chopped onions (of all varieties) in the freezer to add when needed

juice from one lime

sea salt

It can be served with chips or the veggie tray as a dip.

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