Seeing a project come together11.19.14

I love watching a project come together and was so excited to stop by a client’s house to see how this one turned out. Although I was stopping by to grab a couple of pictures of the art projects that we have been working on this year, I got a little sidetracked. This little cutie’s favourite pastime is to pile all of the pillows from around the house and jump on them. So, I had to capture that…you can see my art in the background but this was so much more fun:). Love that we captured this little extra of his pastime, his energy and his bedhead:).

I was extremely honoured to have learned from this client that a professional from the art hanging service commented that it was one of the nicest photo walls he had ever seen as far as the layout, composition and quality of photographs. This is a huge compliment to me as they hang art for many of the galleries, museums and a number of my clients:).

calgary family photographer

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