Ok, these pictures are to be a gift for Dad for Father’s Day…so if you know him, please don’t tell. I have worked with this little cuties for many years…I will have to go back and try to find some old images for comparison. Until then I knew mom would be excited to see so had to get them out:).

As you will see, the little one has a black eye…which brings back memories of myself. There were two years in a row that I had a black eye for Christmas (and birthday since it is close to Christmas) pictures. One year, I ran into the arm of one of our kitchen chairs as I attempting to jump into someone’s arms (sadly I am still pretty klutzy:) and then in kindergarten a child bit (yes, bit) my eye.

Anyway, so glad that we were able to capture a whole realms of bits of personality of each of these three:).

calgary family photographer

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