The past couple of weeks have been a scheduling frenzy.  I am super excited about the shoots that are coming up this year!  I wanted to post a couple more of the dates for the year.  I will reiterate what I have remaining as well as let you know the new session times that are available moving into the fall…we still need some spring and summer though:).

– April 11-13

– May 23rd

– June 19-22

– August 21-24

– September 19-27 inclusive – only a few sessions remaining

I am still working through the logistics for July but hope to have more information soon.

Thank you to all of the “on the ball” clients that are forcing me to be a better planner:).  Please note, if you are more like me and a little more last minute, please feel free to send me a note and let me know that you are considering a session this year.  We can narrow a date down from there.

One from recently…I am currently in Calgary missing these three…but getting a ton done!:)




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