San Diego | Calgary Family Photographer08.14.12

A couple of week’s ago we headed to San Diego for a little holiday.  My husband was attending a conference so the kids and I were left to explore on our own…staying just 90 steps from the beach (or so the condo marketing claimed:).  Needless to say we spent a fair amount of time on the beach…exploring for marine life – dead and alive; setting up a bakery and pho shop (cuz doesn’t every child make Vietnamese pho when at the beach); boogie boarding;…  The boogie boarding took a couple of days to happen due to the number of jellyfish washed up on the beach…even though he knows how many times I have been stung and I am still here:).  We then explored some of the local attractions – Safari Park, Birch Aquarium and the Zoo.  We missed Sea World this time as we had to head home for the dog.  We had a ton of fun and will definitely be doing that again…next time we will be taking bikes and exploring that way.


Love how he is holding his arms…they are like this in a few.

He was enjoying watching the life along the boardwalk.  Don’t blame him, there was always something to see:)


The most we saw of Daddy as he had 14+ hour days:(._DSC0912a_DSC0967

No, no, no!


This is child care for giraffe.  The little ones sit in formation like this so the adults can watch them easier…if only!!_DSC0961a

Take time to smell the flowers:)_DSC0984a

No pictures please!


Posted this on FB but thought that I would share here too.  “I hope nobody is watching”.


Still a little worried:)

Freezing…not really!_DSC1066a




Shark egg sacks:)_DSC1203


Touching sea urchins_DSC1244a

Trying to touch a fish_DSC1275a

After he succeeded:)_DSC1266a_DSC1267a

A speedier way to dinner which in the end was not as I ended up carrying her, the scooter and my camera.  Definitely need to work on her endurance!_DSC1306a



Komodo dragon and his deadly saliva…you know you have a boy when you know this stuff!_DSC1340aI know you have already seen this but it is a favourite!


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