Rock and Roll | Calgary/California Family Photographer06.03.13

If someone had told me 5 years ago when I started running that I would love it as much as I do now, I probably would have called them crazy:).  I started running to raise money for the CIBC Run for the Cure and that was it…just a 5 km run which at that time seemed to be a big goal:).  This past year when a client mentioned participating in the Rock and Roll San Diego 1/2 marathon, I thought about it for a few months…tried to increase the distance that I had been running – got a running watch cuz I had never timed or tracked how far I ran:).  Then in January decided it was something I thought was achievable and signed up for it.  I mapped out my 12 week training schedule and got to work (there was more than 12 weeks when I signed up but I got sick and then procrastinated…so when it actually got down to the 12 weeks I got serious).  Training was going really well until about week 4 or 5 when I started having issues with my leg stemming from an old hip injury.  This put a bit of a damper on training…and the longest run that I had done to that point was 10 miles.  So off I went to physio and active release treatments to try to fix it up.  Although it helped a bit, I did not get back to running beyond 8 miles without it seizing up.  And I had always done a run/walk combo (the heat and hills in Redlands can be a bit killer for this Canadian prairies girl:).  Anyway, long story short, last week I fully expected that I would be hobbling across the finish line mid afternoon (race started at 6:45 am).  Amazingly, this was not the case.  I ran the entire race and felt pretty good doing it.  I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 8 minutes (I had nothing to compare it to, other than googling women’s average half marathon time and seeing 2:20).  Don’t know what it was that pushed me through – the amazing people that I saw running for their loved ones who had lost their battle to leukaemia/lymphoma, the people that I know that are battling this disease right now, the people that were running all around me, the fear that if I stopped running I would not get started again, my competitive nature or a combo of a lot of things.  Whatever it was, it reaffirmed that it is mind over matter!  Now I won’t lie and say I am not suffering a bit today but am sure that I will feel fine soon:).  I am pretty sure that I will be participating in a few more of these as well as some 10k’s because I work well with goals…and I like the side effect of feeling and looking pretty fit again:).  BTW, sorry for the terrible picture.  I did not bother taking my phone out of arm band holder before taking a picture:)california family photographer

california family photographer

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