I have been trying to decide if I would share this or not.  I am fairly private when it comes to my personal life but since this is a cause that I am so directly involved with that I feel that it is important as a reminder.  I recently had to have a biopsy on my breast following a suspect area on my mammogram.  Fortunately all turned out just fine!  Yeah!!

Obviously this process was a bit scary as my mum passed away from the disease 6.5 years ago and so emotion came with that fear and my children did see me upset a couple of times over the last few weeks.  Being the realist I am, I was upfront with them about what was going on.  The day after the biopsy I was sore and moving a little slower than normal, which is definitely not a side of me that my children usually witness:).  My son showed up after school with a half- eaten doughnut that he had saved from a classmate’s birthday celebration.  He had mentioned to his classmates that his mom had to have a portion of her breast taken off and this was to help her feel better.  So since the fourth grade class knows, I might was well share here too.  We will definitely have to work on what is shareable info at school.:). But so sweet and compassionate, that I couldn’t help but smile.  My daughter did have to chime in during all of this, “mom doesn’t eat doughnuts”…and I don’t typically but I did that day:)
Early detection is important so please make sure you take time out of your schedules to remember to have yourself checked.  I am thankful that I am not having to continue through anymore of the process and can focus completely on fall shoots!  Will be sharing lots soon – beyond this iPhone picture:).


  1. Brought tears to my eyes. Glad it was only a scare, wishing you well. Xo. ~Quita

  2. So glad to hear your ok. Just did the Terry Fox Run at school on Friday with the kids, thought of your mom along the way. We are so lucky that our kids are taught about Terry Fox and his legacy in school as just one of the many people that have done so much for cancer. Lisa

  3. You are brave.

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