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Okay, this may turn into one of the most random posts ever.  Sorry in advance – however, this is how this week has gone.  It was an extremely busy week with a lot of things going on  – coming into the final week and a half of preparation and raising money for the CIBC Run for the Cure and I needed to step up and start planning some sort of theme as team captain.  And anyone who knows me knows I am not a “theme” kind of girl (as you can see from my pictures SIMPLE).  Don’t get me wrong…I love to dress up!  But coming up with outfits that are somewhat “cool” for 20 team members…a little more difficult.  Anyway, that has been done but you will have to wait for the pictures.

Beyond the “fun” part of getting ready for the run, I also went through pictures of my mum to put together “Who are you running for?” buttons.  Obviously difficult but  I am so happy that I have these images.  I had hired the talented Carmen Miller to capture some special moments of my family 5 years ago when we found out that my mum’s cancer had returned.  These pictures and the ones that I captured myself are some of the most important things to me.

This week became that much more difficult when I learned of a client of mine passing away from cancer.  I was so sad to hear that this disease had taken someone else so young.  I was so truly honoured to get the opportunity to be able to capture some special times for this family just as Carmen did for me.  My heart goes out to this family.

I then had another very eye-opening experience this week.  I was asked to make a photography donation to “It’s a Wrap” Fashion Show put on at the Glencoe in support of the Inn from the Cold homeless shelter.  It was not a charity that I was very familiar with as I tend to focus on women, children and cancer charities.  I decided to participate in this silent auction when I learned how many women and children are staying at the shelter.  When I dropped the gift certificate and art off to the shelter, I asked for a tour to learn a little more about their charity.  It was nothing short of impressive.  I give the staff there a lot of credit for running an amazing operation there – that relies heavily on donations – money and services.  They currently need a new floor laid down, if you know of anyone.

The last part of my random post is that I got to watch my son participate in a run for Terry Fox today at his school and was so proud to see him participating and having fun as he learns about giving back.  It has been quite a week and typically a Thursday would not be the end of the week around here however this weekend I will be spending time with my family, my mum’s parents and one of my cousins.  I am very excited to end this week this way!  I am going to follow this post up with a sneak peek but feel that this family deserves their own designated post.

  1. Its great working towards a goal and giving back. Aidan has a great role model to follow after the terrific job you did with the Run for the Cure. Thank you for all of your hard work. I’m excited to see the photos.

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