Plus 2 makes 5 | Calgary Newborn Photographer08.20.10

Twins!! This has definitely been a big year for twins. I can’t recall a year where I have had so many inquiries for newborn twin sessions. It is really pretty fun to have not one but two babies in the studio to cuddle;)

This client came to me from a friend of ours that lives in New York. They are a wonderful family to work with!! I love the feeling that you get from the pictures. Although their 2 year old was missing a bit of the attention that the first children are use to, she was so sweet with her sisters. I loved how gentle she was with them.

N and R it was so nice to meet you. Enjoy your sneak peek and I should have the rest ready soon.
Calgary Newborn Photographer 7aCalgary Newborn Photographer 9Calgary Newborn Photographer 10Calgary Newborn Photographer 11Calgary Newborn Photographer 8Calgary Newborn Photographer 12Calgary Newborn Photographer 13Calgary Newborn Photographer 14Calgary Newborn Photographer 14a

  1. Hi Doreen – thanks for sending me the link. The pics are AWESOME… and of course I understand how proud you must be. I didn’t realise that you had twin grandchildren. 😉

    I also had 2 more grandsons. One in MArch and another in May. Isn’t this wonderful… 😉

    Missing you

    Q o H


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