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My husband is a planner…he is one of those people that can plan hair appointments for an entire year in advance.  I am not typically like this.  I like to call my hair stylist when my hair is getting unruly and get in either that week or the next.  Well, life has changed a bit, I have to book things in advance a lot more as I am only back in Calgary for a few days a month typically and so I have had to plan most of my trips and have sessions in place…which has made my clients have to be a bit more like this too.  I want to thank many of you that have booked me so far in advance to ensure that you get a session with me.  I appreciate your “plan-in-advanceness”.  I do also recognize that things change, hockey schedules come out and children get sick.  I have (and always will) leave time in my schedule for shuffle and reschedules.  There was some juggling during the 11 days I was in Calgary in September and I was left with two open spots for the second weekend.  I sent a note out to a bunch of clients that I thought might want a session (and are more like me…last minute) and booked up right away.  This is one of the families that jumped on a last minute spot.  I have shot them many times over the years and was so happy that I was going to be able to see them again this year.  Their children are getting so big.  I LOVED the way these two siblings got along…although there was a bit of pretending that they did not want a hug from the other, the way they interact and lean their heads into each other tells how close they really are:).   F family it was fantastic to see you and I am so glad that we were able to make this work!

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