I have had the pleasure of working with this mom and her family for many years. Andrea been a pilates coach and instructor for a couple of years and needed someone to take some pictures for her website. I have not done pilates yet but have always been intrigued by it as it looks like it would be right up my alley for a fitness routine – strength training, core work and balance building.

I jumped at the chance to help her as I really wanted to see the routine from her. She is detailed and her posture is always amazing so I was pretty certain that she would be an amazing instructor. She did not disappoint – even though we were taking “posed” shots and not going through a work out she walked through it like it was a routine. Describing form and positions for maximum benefit and to avoid injury. I LOVE that!! I have worked out for over 20 years and form has always been what I have noticed through various workouts and instructors. I have left yoga classes where it was downright dangerous. It is imperative to know the ramifications of specific moves and the exact way to do it so that you do avoid injury – particularly as you start to get older in your vintage as some of us are:).

If you are into pilates or are thinking of getting into it, I highly recommend giving Andrea a call.  Her website link is http://www.andreapilates.com/home.html.

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