Photographer's Dream | Calgary Child Photographer11.11.10

I was giddy as we led up to this shoot…mom was looking for something different from what we had done in the past. It is music to a photographer’s ears to try something different. The location was one that I have been wanting to try since I drove past it on the way to another shoot this year. I have had the opportunity to watch this family grow over the years. They are such a pleasant family to shoot. Relaxed, loving…not to mention gorgeous;) This is the first time we have shot outside and it is so fun with boys of this age. They love to explore and run and play. Mom even brought an antique train that was their grandfathers…COOL! S, thank you for trusting me to capture these moments for you and for the creative freedom;)
Calgary Child Photographer24Calgary Child Photographer23Calgary Child Photographer22Calgary Child Photographer21Calgary Child Photographer20Calgary Child Photographer19Calgary Child Photographer18Calgary Child Photographer16Calgary Child Photographer15
This is from the series after the picture that I posted a couple of days ago of this little mama’s boy. I loved how he was still kissing mom;)Calgary Child Photographer14Calgary Child Photographer13Calgary Child Photographer12Calgary Child Photographer11Calgary Child Photographer10Calgary Child Photographer9
The little guy is daddy’s boy and was jealous of mom having pictures with him. I love the look on mom’s face in this one…seriously there is nothing cuter than to watch your husband interact with their children.Calgary Child Photographer8Calgary Child Photographer7Calgary Child Photographer6Calgary Child Photographer5Calgary Child Photographer4Calgary Child Photographer3Calgary Child Photographer2Calgary Child Photographer1Calgary Child Photographer

  1. I love love love this session! The light is stunning!

  2. Love the train set in the field, with those adorable two boys !

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