Pedalheads | Calgary Children's Photographer08.11.10

I recently did a shoot for Pedalheads bike camps.  If you follow my blog you know how impressed I was with this company last year.  My son attended one of their camps last year and had an absolute blast (not to mention learned a ton of balance and skill on his bike).  We bike a lot as a family so it is so nice that he has the confidence and skill on his bike to join us for long rides.  This year I received a note from Pedalheads about doing commercial work for them and it worked out that the shoots could be done the same week that I had both of my children enrolled in the camp.  This was a really awesome perk for me to be there at the same time as my children.  Once again I was extremely impressed with this organization.  Their staff and instructors are fantastic with the children.  The programs are well organized.  It was so fun for me to witness/capture the determination, delight and pride on the children’s faces as they gained the confidence on their bikes.  So here are a few of the pictures from the shoot (and a couple of extra from the last day of my own children on the slip n’slide).

Pedalheads 8Pedalheads 2Pedalheads 3Pedalheads 5Pedalheads 6Pedalheads 7Pedalheads 9

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