Pedalheads – Calgary Children Photographer08.13.09

My son attended a couple of camps this summer (Sportball and Pedalheads) and had a blast! He LOVES riding his bike and it was finally time to take the training wheels off. I was a little scared about helping him with this and my husband does not get a lot of time…so when a girlfriend told me about Pedalheads, I registered him right away. This is where I figured my son would listen to someone else better than me – I was right. The first day at the camp…he was riding around without his training wheels! Now, two weeks later…he is BURNING around the neighbourhood without them! He was joining me for some of my runs and now I don’t know that I will be able to keep up! The children also learned about bike safety, played games like bike bowling, water balloon fights with the instructors, and “slip and slide” on the last day! So fun! My child, who is typically quite shy, had a blast!
Here are a few pictures from this experience. If you are looking for fun camps or activities during the year, I highly recommend both of these – I believe that Sportball runs throughout the year.
Calgary Children Photographer2
Mr. Detail even got to wash his bike!
Calgary Children Photographer4
Calgary Children Photographer1 copy
And one of the little one!
Calgary Children Photographer3

  1. Sheri-Dawn { Aug 13, 2009 } Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of Pedalheads but love the idea and will definitely be checking it out for my girls.

  2. Tamara Godina { Aug 13, 2009 } Reply

    So cute. Mr. Detail kind of looks like your brother!!!

  3. Claudia Heitler { Aug 13, 2009 } Reply

    Hi, great pictures and the program sounds terrific. Looks like a lot of fun and it’s super fun when the training wheels come off. Thanks for the chance to learn about it and take a look.
    Claudia Heitler

  4. Brenda Poole Bellows { Aug 13, 2009 } Reply

    I keep hearing great things about Pedalheads – maybe next year for Charlotte. Breathtaking pictures, as usual.

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