Part 2 |Calgary Maternity Photographer05.18.10

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I would have a second post with the natural light shots. This helps to show the difference. Now you are going to ask, which do I prefer? I love both and both are very different. I love the simplicity that studio lighting shots offer – I like that they are clean and simple. I like that studio lighting stops the action of little ones. I was always a lover of fashion photography – growing up I had magazine ads posted all over my walls. There is something about a crisp clean catch light that gets me;)

However in the natural light shots, you will get a narrow depth of field (because I tend to shoot wide open – with a small f-stop for those that came last week) thus allowing you to tell a story about what you are focusing on, you can get some awesome shadows that again allow you to focus on the portion of the picture that is lit and you can also show some motion (when appropriate).

Time permitting, I will typically do a combination of both in a session.

Calgary Maternity Photographer2

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