Overcommitted | Calgary Family Photographer05.03.13

I have always been really great at overcommitting myself.  I have also been really great at keeping up with my overcommitments:).  This year I have found my limit though.  Not sure what it is that has helped me to realize it  – age, priority realization, maturity (haha, probably not), friends, yoga, kids melting down:(…  Probably a combination of all of them.  I have been trying to get involved in a bunch of different activities to try to find a place in my new community and to try to find my way of giving back (cuz I always have…and always will).  Over the last few weeks though, I have noticed a direct effect of my overcommitment on my own personal community (my family) and my business (have not even got my fall times up for you yet).  I have not been able to spend as much time working on the three things that mean the most to me – family, health and photography.  So I have taken myself off some extra-curricular activities to get back to focussing on what I love.  Sadly one of them is a charity that I was excited about in Redlands and the other is the CIBC Run for the Cure.  I have other ways that I will be giving back to both of these charities but will be taking a step back for this year.  I will have more on the CIBC Run for the Cure over the next little while as so many of you have been so incredibly supportive over the last 5 years.

And well a picture, because I am so grateful that I get to capture little moments like this:).

calgary and southern california family photographer

  1. Please stay with us, you are such an asset and the year is almost done!

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