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So it is that time of year again…tax season.  I realize that I have probably scared a few people into thinking that it is the end of April.  Nope, I am a super-nerd and am working on taxes now.  Please remember…I was a designated accountant in my past life and actually use to enjoy it.  Sadly this is not the case anymore.  Shoot pictures and edit or do accounting/taxes??  Hands down, I now choose the former!  However, I am also not a procrastinator.  I would rather get this stuff done so I can get back to the fun stuff…so I am working on accounting/taxes now.  Anyway, I have a new toy…it is not so new…I actually think that we have had it in the house for almost two years.  It is called Neat Receipts and my husband “had to have it” a couple of years ago.  He is a “first adapter” when it comes to technology.  I, on the other hand, am not. Long story short, I have finally started using this product.  It is fantastic for cleaning up and inputting all of the receipts.  I know that we are all trying to make our lives simpler and more organized (and in our case, minimalist)…this tool does a great job of cleaning up an office so I thought that I would share.

And since I must post a picture…here is a shot from the Olympic Torch Relay as they proceeded past my son’s school this week.

Have a great weekend!

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