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So I had mentioned earlier in the year that I would be putting together a coffee table book for myself of my favourite images from last year.  Well I did…back in June and I have not shared it.  I thought that I would share mine to get you thinking about what to do with your pictures.  I do this for my in-laws each year but had not done one for myself until this year.  I will be going back to tell the story of each year for myself (after busy season now:).  I am so glad I finally did this.  Narrowing down was definitely most difficult part (thankfully my images are very organized:).  This year I am trying to be a bit more forward thinking and putting the favourites from the month in a favourites folder that I will be able to use at the end of the year for both my book and my in-laws (and, yes, I am already behind a few months:).

The company that I used for these was Blurb as their book making software is super simple.  This year I used their templates but next year will do my own so that composition and page spacing is optimized (this is not necessary…I am just picky).  I did upgrade the paper as well so that it can withstand a lot of viewing.  You can easily add text if you like.  I printed 2 copies when I completed so that each of my children have one later…I expect that one will be more tattered than the other but we will just call it loved:).

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