My annual book…and a reminder to print02.26.14

Over the past few weeks I have been going back through last year’s pictures for my in-laws Christmas gift (yep, it is feb:) and my own personal book.  I typically begin each year very organized and having gone through my personal pictures, selecting favourites but then busy season happens.  My personal images from August until the end of the year do not get a lot of attention…I do, however, continue to shoot a lot:).  So the last couple of weeks has been narrowing down from the latter part of the year.

The book has become one of my favourite things to do as it really is so fun to go back and see what the year looked like.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day but to see that “snapshot” of the year come together is amazing!  I also realized when “flipping through” the virtual copy of what I was sending to print with the kids, that sometimes they don’t see what I have shot.  They had a blast looking through their year and reminiscing.  That was always one of my favourite things to do as a child so I love to see that they enjoy this as well.

So I am also using this as a reminder to print your pictures…if you have not already done so with me:).  Enjoy them, let your children enjoy them and see how much they are loved…as well as all of the little things that you love about them:).  I use Blurb for this book (and they have 30% off right now;).  It is best to upgrade the paper so that it can take a lot of flip throughs.  I print a couple of copies so each of my children have one.

Just a couple…will share a few when the books come in.

calgary family photographer

calgary family photographer

calgary family photographer

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